Vampire Weekend

It was only a matter of time before this band found its way onto literally every single blog in the nation {world}. You can’t help but find something to like on their debut album, Vampire Weekend (iTunes), because they easily slide from ska and swing influenced tracks to melodies reminiscent of The Kinks or Paul Simon. To be honest, because that’s what we all should be anyway, the first time I listened through this album my opinion was simply “I liked this band better the first time I heard them, with a horn section, when they were called the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.” Luckily I have a three listen policy in this little brain of mine and on second and third listens there is a lot more depth and quality to be found on this album. Influences seem to range from the Walkmen {with whom they’re playing a few shows with coming up}, to Sublime, to traditional reggae, to every favorite and trendy independent band of the last eighteen months. If you like indie rock, especially progressive indie sounds, you’ll love Vampire Weekend {and if not you can be the one kid in your circle of friends who passionately disagrees with the rest of them}.

mp3 : Vampire Weekend – Boston
mp3 : Vampire Weekend – Walcott

These are two of my favorite tracks off of their debut album. The rest of the disc is quality and it comes highly recommended here at TWF. I also just found out that I’ll be scoring a pass to the Langerado Festival {it really is all who you know} and Vampire Weekend will be playing there on March 7. That’s right, Langerado just went from totally awesome to best music festival east of SXSW.

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13 thoughts on “Vampire Weekend”

  1. i heard about them from another blogger. and i actually really like their music. as i said in the post i’m really excited to see them play at Langerado.

    i’m still looking into the correct name for this mystery song i posted. some have it labelled Boston, some have it labelled Ladies of Cambridge, some don’t have it labelled at all.


  2. ok, as there is no definite answer the the actual name of this song i will just state that it appears to have floated back and forth between two different names. those names being a) Boston and b) Ladies of Cambridge. both live performances on youtube as well as references on have the song listed with both titles. as for me, i’m calling it Boston as it makes much more sense.


  3. you see mr. Droll, i know you’re giving me a hard time, but many a loyal readers might not be privy to your particular brand of sarcasm, etc., so i need to publicly defend my positions.


  4. here’s my take on what happened. i believe that they played the song live before they gave it a name and/or recorded it for the mansard roof single. since the song talks a lot about boston my conjecture is that fans gave the track the title boston as it wasn’t named {or the name was never said} during live shows. that’s just my story, and i’m sticking to it. feel free to change the name and/or the id3 tags after downloading.


  5. Yeah, I just thought it was really called Ladies of Cambridge because thats what it says on itunes. It doesn’t really matter to me what you name it though. No biggie.


  6. yeah, i’m glad he used the word official about seventy two times in the post. i stick by the story i made up, he, instead, sticks by stories with a relative probable theory… lame.


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