Broadcast 2000

Broadcast 2000 is the creative fruit of a very talented multi-instrumentalist named Joe Steer. He creates, records, and masters all of his own music in his very own flat/studio in north London and I must say that this boy has the touch. I would easily list him alongside acts like Beirut, Sufjan Stevens, DeVotchKa, and the more folksy {not so tribal} days of Paul Simon. And I put him up with these artist not simply because he shares a similar folk infused theme in his music, but because the raw and unabashed talent is so apparent on every single track of his debut EP, Building Blocks (iTunes), which is set to be released soon although it is already digitally available on iTunes. Listening to each of the tracks makes you feel as if Joe had the most amazing amount of fun recording it, and ultimately that’s the mark of great music, when you can pass on emotions that transcend mere lyrics and melodies.

mp3 : Broadcast 2000 – Pep Talk
mp3 : Broadcast 2000 – The View

This little outfit easily tracks as one of the artists that I’m most interested in hearing from in the future. I get this euphoric feeling of fun when I listen to his music and I only cringe when I think how long it could be before a proper full length can be recorded. As a last note I would like to point out that on this debut EP Joe Steer combines cello, double bass, guitar, ukelele, glockenspiel, banjo, various percussive items, and a lot of layered vocals {all tracks and instruments are his work} to make this little marvel of an EP.

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5 thoughts on “Broadcast 2000”

  1. Billy,
    I’m loving the music your posting on here. As someone who is largely out of the musical loop I appreciate the free matchmaking you provide. I’m sitting around all the time job searching (which is starting to suck) and enjoy the mix of decent tracks I can find on here. Good on ya buddy.


  2. I agree – I was fortunate enough to see Broadcast 2000 at a Last FM gig in November. The band seems to be enjoying themselves and invests into writing songs with substance as opposed to the style of their haircuts, which is refreshing. The EP is a must have!


  3. I love the variety Broadcast 2000 offers. It seems increasingly difficult in our modern age to keep so tightly inclined with one particular genre without the product sounding unoriginal and samey. He has managed to create such an E.P that relies on similar instrumentation whilst developing a popular aspect to each track, making his music so accessible. I have read a number a reviews citing different songs as favourites in their on sense, hence why I’m fond of this difficult-to-achieve variety that construes around such an obvious genre.

    The glockenspiel player is sexy.


  4. Hola soy de chile y este es mi grupo favorito, lamentablemente lo e tenido que descargar por torrent ya que en las disqueras no esta disponible… bueno la cosa es que broadcasto 2000 es lo maximo, de verdad



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