Seven Days of Sufjan : part 7

Today is a sad day because it marks the last of my Seven Days of Sufjan. It was a fun trip while it lasted and I hope I provided you all with some Christmas cheer and some harder to find tracks. Thanks for all the comments everyone. Also, merry Christmas to you all. Over the past week I’ve been getting hits on this blog from every continent but Antarctica, but I’m sure that’s just because it’s summer for them right now so they’re probably off sipping cocktails and chasing penguins.

Enjoy this track from Sufjan’s Songs for Christmas. If you’re interested in the man you should take a second and read the bio posted on his label’s website. here . It’s really a rather interesting biography.

mp3 : Sufan Stevens – It’s Christmas Let’s Be Glad

And as promised some harder to find tracks for you all to enjoy.

mp3 : Sufjan Stevens – Borderline
mp3 : Sufjan Stevens – The First Full Moon
mp3 : Sufjan Stevens – The Star Spangled Banner
mp3 : Sufjan Stevens – Variation on Commemorative Transfiguration and Communion at Magruder Park

[up next: one stop shop, new forgather songs, page france]

3 thoughts on “Seven Days of Sufjan : part 7”

  1. Well, this ‘hit’ is from Denmark, where it either rains a lot or a little at the moment. Nothing else, just rain. No wonder the Vikings travelled…”Mange tak” for the Sufjan tracks, matey!


  2. I am a huge fan of yours. You have exactly the same taste in music I do. Thankyou for this blog. Thank you thankyou thankyou!


  3. Well, this ‘hit’ is from Ireland, where it either rains a lot or a little at the moment. Nothing else, just rain. No wonder the Celts fought(and drank)…”Thanks” for the Sufjan tracks, lads!


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