Zach Williams

Let me say what I’ve been saying for a couple of months now. Zach Williams is amazing. His music, his style, his lyrics, all things together combine to form music that is both interesting, personal, and original.

I would place Mr. Williams alongside such artists as Page France, Asher Lev, or Sufjan Stevens, all of whom he shares a faith and a similar sound with. A certain type of new folk sound with a lot of indie darling credibility. Acoustic yes, raw yes, delicate and intricate double yes. Although I cannot seem to find the exact words to accurately describe his music I would say that above all things Zach’s music is quality.

And on top of musical talent Mr. Williams has the knack of meeting and warming to people like they’re old friends. A friend of mine recently met Zach after his show at Rockwood in NYC and had nothing but warm things to say of their brief encounter. If you check out Zach’s myspace account, which I highly recommend as it’s regularly updated, you’ll find many people that not only love his music but have formed some sort of personal connection with the man behind the music. That’s actually where I met him.

Mark my words, this man will be huge. All he needs now is a little attention.

check out Zach on myspace

mp3 : Zach Williams – Maybes
mp3 : Zach Williams – James
mp3 : Zach Williams – Push
mp3 : Zach Williams – War of 38 (Guitar Version)
mp3 : Zach Williams – Hospital Dream
mp3 : Zach Williams – Fears (live at Rockwood)
mp3 : Zach Williams – Dirty Feet (live)

buy Zach Williams EP on cdbaby for 8.00


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