The Strokes

The Strokes : I’ll Try Anything Once

The Strokes are one of those bands that you either fell in love with five years ago with the first strains of the desperate little title track “Is This It,” or you’ve simply ignored them since then. If you didn’t dig their sound right off the bat then their sophomore album Room on Fire, probably didn’t do much for you either. Essentially it was enough to music to prove to the world that they were still around, but not really anything new. In fact, if you put their first two albums together on a playlist and hit shuffle, you might just walk away not knowing which songs came from what year.

That all changed earlier this year with the release of their third full length album First Impressions of Earth. Yes, their signature sound is still intact. But they’ve thrown in a nice blend of curve balls and change ups to prove once and for all that The Strokes really do rule the kingdom of “the” bands. At first listen some of the songs are awkwardly out of place, they just don’t jive with the rest of the Strokes library. But upon repeat treks through their [arguably first] full album the songs come alive. One noticeably new sound for The Strokes comes on the track “Ask Me Anything” which could easily have come off of the latest Magnetic Fields disc.

Just recently they’ve dropped a new single, world wide style. The single is “Heart in a Cage” and they’re offering a brilliant b-side as a free download on their myspace page. It’s only available for a limited time, so you should hurry and grab it now. The song is a b-side remake of “You Only Live Once” and the new title, or rather original title, is “I’ll Try Anything Once.” It’s a simple piece with electronic keyboards and Julian’s now famous scratchy vocals.

At the very end when Jules says “ok, one more time,” you will wholeheartedly agree as you play it again, and again, and again.

mp3 : The Strokes – I’ll Try Anything Once (b-side)

myspace : The Strokes

lyrics, an away message waiting to happen :

when i said i can see me in your eyes
you said i can see you in my bed
that’s not just friendship that’s romance too
you like music we can dance to

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