Radiohead never fails to impress. And this track is no different. Included below is one of their finest live reworkings of a song. The song, Fog, first appeared on the album Knives Out after being launched as “Alligators in New York Sewers” in Caesaria on July 9th, 2000.

From that first play, where Thom Yorke introduced it as “kind of a silly song,” it has matured and grown into something at once melancholic and beautiful. The version posted here comes from a single entitled Go To Sleep #1 and is a nice stripped down acoustic version with just Thom and Jonny.

mp3 : Radiohead – Fog (Again) (Live)

lyrics :

there’s a little child
runnin’ round this house
and he never leaves
he will never leave
and the fog comes up
from the sewers
and glows in the dark

baby alligators in the sewers
grow up fast
grow up fast
anything you want it can be done now
how did you go bad?
did you go bad?
did you go bad?
some things will never wash away
did you go bad?
did you go bad?

3 thoughts on “Radiohead”

  1. Good song billy. I’ve never listened to Radiohead, but that song may have opened a little bit of an interest. Oh, and thanks for inviting me to this new, and I’m sure soon-to-be, craze of college campuses. I just created my page and hopefully I can put on my first song there soon.


  2. Oh Billy…I’m so proud of you for joining blogspot. And I’m excited that you are dedicating it all to music. Happiness abounds! Will we be seeing some of your music on here too? I sure hope so…


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